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Belgium has one of the most generous tax incentives in the world. The Belgian tax-shelter can save a production more than 40% in local spend. In addition to competitive pricing, experienced crews and state-of-the-art infrastructure, producers have all the resources needed to fulfill their vision.

AED Film Group actively helps producers meet financing and production goals.


AED Studios is one of the largest state-of-the-art media complexes in all of Europe. Located in Antwerp, Belgium, AED Studios has been the site for some of the most diverse and ambitious projects to be filmed in Europe.

AED Studios is full service studio offering everything from sound stages to full business and living accommodations. Let AED Studios be your host for:

  • Film and television productions
  • Live broadcasts, concerts
  • Theatre rehearsals
  • Presentations
  • and much more...
  • For more information we invite you to the AED Studios website.


AED Film Group may serve all of your production needs. Whether it is finding the best crew or arranging shooting permits and locations, we can provide the missing elements so your production will be made on time and within budget.


AED Film Group has strong connections with the world of production finance to ensure knowledgeable guidance in funding film and television media. We can provide gap and bridge financing from €500.000 and up.

Investment enquiries at AED Film Group may require the following:

  • A fully developed script
  • Sales estimates provided by a reputable sales agent
  • Key attachments to the production, including director, producer(s), and cast
  • A budget and finance plan
  • Documents that show proof of funding
  • Capable of qualifying as a European co-production
  • Capable of qualifying for Belgian spend
  • Completion bonded
  • Able to spend the physical production wholly or in part at AED Studios
  • Contact details

    Email submissions to: